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Erick Rios


Principal/Chief Product Owner
Product Strategy & Commercialization

Erick Rios has always been a problem solver. His 11th-grade aptitude test highlighted his mix of strong managerial, investigative, and social skills, along with a talent for “mechanical reasoning,” but noted that what he loved most was “finding solutions to problems.”
Whether it was leading his design team for their MIT senior project or over the past six years as the Director of Product at Big Bang, Erick has used those same skills to bring people together, solve problems, and create successful product strategies.
Under Erick’s leadership, Big Bang has worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Pitney Bowes, Cuisinart, and Plantronics, as well as exciting start-ups and growing companies such as Phonic, Guided Therapeutics, Dentek, and Werner Ladder.
He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and an MS in Mechanical Engineering (focused on manufacturing) from Georgia Tech and developed his product design experience at Ford Motor Company, IDEO Product Development, and the MIT Center for Innovation in Product Development.
Since joining Big Bang 16 years ago, Erick has helped design hundreds of products and brought over fifty successfully to market. Still, he believes his greatest strength is his ability to bring together a team of diverse expertise and personalities to tackle the kind of complex challenges that don’t have easy answers. Because what Erick still loves best is an opportunity to figure out the problem and find a solution.

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Brian Wong Shui


Product Engineer
Manufacturable Designs &
Emerging Technologies

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Mark Moneypenny


Product Champion
Design Strategy &
Brand Experience

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Devin Moore


Product Designer
Innovation Strategy & Product Integration

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John Fitzpatrick


Product Manager
Growth Strategy &
Milestone Management

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Shari Moore


Experiential Designer
Visual Communication &
User Interaction

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Mason Rabinowitz


Product Marketer
Customer-Focused Design &
Product Storytelling

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Steve Meister


Consumer Behavioralist
Customer Insights &
Product Strategy

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We are a talented bunch that loves coming together through our common cause of creating beautiful experiences for both users and clients.



We’ve spent over two decades honing our craft and realizing hundreds of innovative experiences, sometimes pioneering categories, and have developed dozens of longstanding partnerships with our clients.

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