About What We Do

Building Inspiring Product Experiences

The best products and brands create positive and memorable user experiences, and develop customer loyalty through products that users actually look forward to using. This holy grail of product experience doesn’t happen by accident. That’s where Big Bang comes in: we’re a group of design, UI/UX, and engineering experts dedicated to helping our partners build extraordinary experiences that people love.

Digital. Tactile. Innovation.

Our special spot. We help our clients create product experiences that represents the brand and inspires the user. Our multidisciplinary team unites in a collaborative environment to solve those unique problems for highly integrated hardware + software products in the area of mainstream technology, including consumer, medical and commercial.

diagram showing agile product development

Experiential Brand Language

An XBL exists whether or not it’s been crafted, and with integrated products every touch point the user has to a brand is an opportunity to establish a positive connection. Big Bang has worked for decades developing and refining processes and tools to ensure that our client’s brand language is properly communicated through the product’s experience, including archaeological audits of a brand and/or product assets, development of XBL guidelines, and maintenance of the XBL beyond the program engagement; not to mention employing skilled creators with hundreds of product experiences under our belts.

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Experiential brand language diagram showing sensory, interactive and engagement attributes

Agile Methods

As technology advances, the line between physical and digital products begins to blur, causing our development process to become more iterative, creative, and flexible. The Big Bang team develops compelling experiences on a foundation of Agile principles. User focused, highly collaborative and innovative, we have built custom methodologies around our team of hardware and UI experts to ensure successful and unique results for our clients and users.

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Diagram showing the phases of agile product development

Meaningful Relationships

Our clients are leaders in developing product experiences centered around users, and believe collaborative development teams lead to more engaging solutions. We’re creative problem-solvers, innovators, and think-outside-the-boxers with a fire in our belly for helping to build meaningful relationships between us, our clients and their users through engaging product experiences.

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