How We Work

Inspiring Through Experience

Experiences around products and brands can be memorable, both good and bad. We design inspiring experiences that make users happy. Our work is memorable and instills loyalty in users, ensures a positive perception of a brand, and helps our clients grow, better.

Digital. Tactile. Innovation.

We help our clients succeed by designing product experiences from the outside in, ensuring that the experience always represents the brand and inspires the user. Our multidisciplinary team unites in a collaborative environment to solve problems for highly integrated devices in the area of mainstream technology.


Agile Methods

As technology advances, the line between physical and digital products begins to blur, causing our development process to become more iterative, creative, and flexible. The Big Bang team develops compelling experiences on a foundation of Agile principles. User focused, highly collaborative and innovative, we have built custom methodologies around our team of hardware and UI experts to ensure successful and unique results for our clients and users.